Duck Tales understands monetary policy better than you.

I once read a joke which basically insinuated that, as Governer, Sarah Palin tried to outlaw books in libraries in favour of magazines, because they have big pictures in them. We now know that such an accusation is baseless, as it has become clear that Palin has never actually read a magazine.

Now, that joke could be updated to say that she wants to replace all reading material in general with, say, cartoons. Cartoons would be a great ally to a McCain-Palin campaign, primarily because cartoons often depict an impossible environment where none of the actions you take have any consequences. Jump off a cliff? It’s okay, you’ll survive. Stand in front of a giant cannon? It’s okay, you’ll survive. Buy a mortgage you can’t afford? Okay, you’re screwed, even a cartoon has its limits.

Of course, if she ever did enforce a cartoon library, there are still some cartoons that she would ban from the shelves. I’m not talking about cartoons with communist intelligence in them (which, in her mind, means any cartoon you watch while you’re in Alaska). I’m talking about childrens’ cartoons, like Duck Tales, which could potentially fill the minds of innocent children with terrorist concepts such as logic, reason, and basic understanding of the economy.

If the world needed protection from knowledge, Palin would be our own iron curtain.

0 thoughts on “Duck Tales understands monetary policy better than you.

  1. i says:

    LOL i remember this episode

    i actually recall feeling like i learned something by the end of it

    who knew?

  2. JZ says:

    so now there’s record of what palin may have been reading. got the links from one of the comments from your americablog link. check them out:

    go figure…

  3. Salman says:

    Dude — she was very open about that from day one… She said she would read “all of em, everything that was put in front of me” =P

    I think even if someone threw Mein Kampf on her desk she would still not figure out the consequences of being caught reading that.

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