Cats troubleshoot printers better than you.

I’ve seen many instances where “sane” and “competent” employees will attempt to regurgitate a visual copy of their brain farts using what is commonly known as a printer.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when a printer encounters infinitely complex problems such as being Out of Paper, or more commonly, Off.

The way an individual handles his or herself in such situations is usually not logical and almost always entertaining. In fact, being a techie i would like to post this instructional video on how one can handle printer issues more efficiently than people do today.


0 thoughts on “Cats troubleshoot printers better than you.

  1. Imran says:

    LOL i love the final step on how to solve the problem

  2. JZ says:

    how coincidental! that’s how i fix most machines except i use my foot. 😛

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