I have no words for my disgust.

Ignorance is everywhere. This country is full of it (in more ways than one).

We all watch Sarah Palin’s televised enactment of Tourette syndrome. Despite all the questions about her appropriateness, about how she might be hurting the campaign, I’d like to offer a different perspective. In fact, I will go as far as to suggest she is being extremely useful to the McCain campaign right now.

The fact is, the McCain campaign is one of the ugliest in history. It’s just plain low. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are lots of McCain support groups which do far worse than his own team could mastermind.

Right now, pro-McCain support groups such as the Clarion Fund are paying 70 newspapers to distribute an anti-Muslim propaganda film called Obsession. This movie is being included as a free DVD inside the newspapers. Its direct goal is clear — a scare tactic to trigger a reflex move on America’s part to vote against Obama.

Groups like the Clarion Fund will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal, with no consideration for the consequences. Today I read one of the most disturbing, abhorrent, and personally frightening news I’ve ever encountered:

On Friday, September 26, the end of a week in which thousands of copies of Obsession were distributed by mail in Ohio, a “chemical irritant” was sprayed through a window of the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton, where 300 people were gathered for a Ramadan prayer service. The room that the chemical was sprayed into was the room where babies and children were being kept while their mothers were engaged in prayers. This, apparently, is what the scare tactic political campaigning of John McCain’s supporters has led to — Americans perpetrating a terrorist attack against innocent children on American soil.

I have no words to describe my reaction to this news. The article goes on to cite an email from a friend of one mother who was in the room that was gassed, along with her children.

She told me that the gas was sprayed into the room where the babies and children were being kept while their mothers prayed together their Ramadan prayers. Panicked mothers ran for their babies, crying for their children so they could flee from the gas that was burning their eyes and throats and lungs. She grabbed her youngest in her arms and grabbed the hand of her other daughter, moving with the others to exit the building and the irritating substance there.

This will never make the news (but of course, Obsession was aired numerous times on FOX). The debates will not talk about this, nor will a press conference be held to address it. These are not the important issues. As usual, this issue will drift into the foggy sespool of terrible things no one talks about.

Being associated with such an atrocity should be a campaign-killer for McCain. Keyword: should. What do the Democrats focus on? Look look! It’s Sarah Palin! Ain’t she stupid? That’s the worst part of his campaign!

…Still think she’s useless? She may not have any ideas, but she’s serving as a great light bulb right now. The democrats, the media, America… like moths to a flame.

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  1. Robert Luong says:

    You know what really bugs me about this political season?

    Obama has to repeatedly say that he’s a Christian. Not just perhaps that you need to be a Christian to be elected but to plainly state that he’s not a Muslim.

    What he should really say is that there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim.

    Technically Biden should be biting Palin’s head off. Obama however should be hitting McCain hard. But the useless media would rather focus on gossip.

  2. Salman says:

    I’m hoping that he is doing this *just to get elected*, and that his actual senses will come into play during his presidency.

    It’s a big if, though.

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