Cross your fingers…

My brother and I have a long-held belief that India’s chances for winning any given cricket match greatly decrease once either of us is watching them. This is not what you would call “superstition”, but rather a probabilistic correlation that could almost be considered causation.

In this light, I almost want to avoid watching the election, in the case that my bad-luck-vision has the ability to detract from Obama’s chances. This election has been a unique experience for me — I’ve never been interested enough to watch every debate and follow every twist, let alone genuinely believe in a candidate. Obama brings with him many forms of revolution, and it seems everyone I know is hoping he carries it to the President’s chair.

Thankfully, his chances are looking good. As a result, the Republican efforts in attacking Obama’s reputation have gotten more and more desperate as time goes on. The most recent one I’ve seen is utterly ridiculous to me. They are now accusing Obama of being too closely associated with anti-semitics. It is being suggested that under his rule, Isreal would be no more. I just don’t understand how they can reach this conclusion. Obama’s overt announcements that he will stand by the current Israel-friendly policies are actually one of my only concerns with Obama as president. To see the opposite conclusion made and then used for an attack is just… well… There is a plethora of adjectives I could use here, but at the end of the day, this sort of behaviour is actually more expected than anything.

My biggest problem is that the accusations are almost always without any real evidence behind them. Claims get repeated simply because they were claimed before. The McCain campaign has made at least one positive contribution, though. Thanks to their spokesmen, doctors now have hundreds of hours of video they can use when training interns on candidacy for dementia. Who says they don’t care about education?

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