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Terrorism invokes US retaliation*

*Unless you’re Israel.

After returning from my trip through India, and just now hitting up Lake Tahoe, there are quite a few positives I could write about.

But I can’t. The world is a terrible, terrible place right now, and Gaza is the heart of misery. One must keep in mind that war brings the most gruesome of times, but what is happening right now certainly cannot be described as a war. It’s genocide, plain and simple.

There used to be a way civilians could avoid dying during war. Methods like hiding in residential buildings, hospitals, or schools were once pretty effective in avoiding direct fire from soldiers. Sadly, Israel seems to be targeting such civilian areas more than any military ones. When reached for comment, Israeli officials responded, “Geneva who?”.

I could sit here and link to all the material outlining the atrocities. Things like how Red Cross teams aren’t allowed to save dying civilians in residential areas. How poison gas was used to wipe off civilians. How entire generations of families would be killed in one go (yes, this is a significant thing — most countries do not bomb a house with 20 people in it, especially when it is surrounded by nothing but other houses). On and on and on. The numbers, the videos, the articles… they’re all there. But what’s the point?

Even if the UN Chief accuses Israel of war crimes, does anyone actually care unless the US publicly announces that Israel is in the wrong here? Does anyone besides the US government still believe Hamas broke the ceasefire first (even CNN doesn’t anymore)? The UN’s crippling inability to ever accomplish anything has never been more on display than this very moment. The world watches mass genocide being committed and stays silent just because the US government does.

Tomorrow Obama gets inaugurated. It’s a great day for the US, a great day for the world. Change has been promised, and Obama has focused on many areas which need the most attention. What bothers me though, as I’ve said before, is that Obama has promised to maintain the US’s current policies on Israel.

Why? Can anyone explain to me why the hell Israel gets a free pass? Is the Jewish community’s influence in this country powerful enough to excuse terrorism? Seriously?

I will wake up tomorrow and watch a great man be given a presidency. I just hope the recent events cause Obama to wake up too. It’s time to smell the burnt, blood-stained, gas-poisoned roses.